13 March 2014

The one about our "Halloween" #minnie_ears #lovely_sunnies

I was wearing:
 Coquette Cat Eye Sunglasses from CelebShades | Find them here
Coquette Cat Eye Sunglasses - 279 Blue Calico
Coquette Cat Eye Sunglasses - 279 Blue Calico
Mint green wool coat SheInside | Find it here
 Boyfriend fit jeans ZARA | Find it here
"Minnie-ears" from Jumbo 

FashionEvELand | FEEL

12 March 2014

FEEL 38 | The one about a fresh mint dream

I have already told you how much I love the #mint_green color any time of the year and I was so eager to show you an outfit wearing my newest entry from SheInside.com,  
the mint coat that you have already seen here. 
In combination with jeans, they are the perfect match for Spring/
The "love bracelet" from Sparkling Wishes is always with me 
*check out some amazing creations here*
and what can I say about Dridri's new "dreamy" collection?
An amazing "eyes-everywhere" necklace and my most favourites, the "angel" bracelets.
I adored the evil-eye collection, the carousel collection but the new one is totally overwhelmingly adorable/
Let me know what do you think about this outfit<3
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